Over the last thirty years flexography has been steadily gaining in importance as an extremely effective printing technology producing high quality results. Flexo printing has come a long way from being rather rudimentary in quality to a process delivering high quality printing results, which is widely used in production of a wide range of packaging materials, including labels, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, shrink-wrap packaging and many others.

Today flexography is industry standard in packaging sector, both in the U.S. and in Europe. The flexo technology never stands still – being constantly improved it continues to maintain its leading position in packaging industry. The technological improvements can be seen at every step of the production process – from the design stage all the way to the finished product.

What we can print for you:

Wrap around labels

Shrink sleeve

Self adhesive labels

Alluminium lids

PET lids



Shrink sleeve

Etykiety samoprzylepne

Wieczka aluminiowe

Wieczka barierowe