1. Printing Press EMBE conducts its business in a responsible, honest and fair.

2. All of her employees know and comply with the rules and regulations prevailing in our country.

3. It competes for cooperation with companies in a fair manner, without the use of bribes and bribery and giving valuable material goods in order to obtain an unfair advantage. One of its most important goals is to operate in a manner consistent with the law and the rules of ethics within the free market system.

4. It supports a diverse workforce and provides a work environment free from discrimination, harassment and all other forms of violence. All of its employees are hired on the basis of qualification, skills, achievements and experience.

5. All the workers are provided with safe and healthy working conditions. Management systems and controls, allow to identify and assess the risk associated with the printing industry. Active management of health and safety in the company, provides an environment free from occupational accidents and diseases.

6. Any action Printing Press EMBE are conducted with special care for the environment. Are complied with all applicable laws and regulations relating to environmental protection. All business decisions are made taking into account the possibility of preservation of natural resources, recycling or reduction and reduce pollution.

7. Accounting in EMBE Printing Press is conducted in accordance with all legal requirements and supervisory bodies and accepted accounting practices.

8. Printing EMBE Press produces and delivers products and services that meet standards of quality and food safety. All the staff know, apply the product quality standards, policies, procedures and specifications for all manufactured products. They adhere to good manufacturing practices and test methods, any national, regional, and local laws and regulations relating to food safety.